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Berba Mining Business Inc

Berba Mining Business Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in exporting and importing mining equipment, mining and metallurgical engineering services and minerals. Berba has over 20 years of experience doing business in the Middle East with a special focus on Iran. The founder and Managing Director of Berba, Hamid Amir Poursaeid, offices and expert …

Canadian Scale

Established in 1924, Canadian Scale is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Weighing Systems. Our complete line of Truck Scales, Railroad Track Scales and Floor Scales are designed and manufactured for the toughest weighing applications on Earth. We use both Electronic and Hydrostatic load cell system

Enssolutions Ltd

Environmentally Preferred applications of Emusified Pine Pitch — branded ENTAC in Canada and T.O.P. in USA — are used by global-standard mining operators for dust suppression on haul and service roads, and for maintence re tailings, stockpiles, ditches and erosion slopes. Emulsion shipped in concentrate form, via totes or bulk, for dilution with water at …

Actlabs Group of Companies

Cypher Environmental Ltd. – A Division of Aquarian Industries

Cypher Environmental engineers premium dust control, soil stabilization and water remediation solutions to serve a growing global economy that needs to adapt to ever increasing environmental standards. As an industry pioneer, Cypher sets itself apart because they possess a drive to constantly innovate their products and deliver greater performance. The performance not only of the …