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Latin America Mining Mission – May 21 – June 1

Canadian Mining Suppliers is bringing 12 Canadian companies on a Latin America Mining Mission to visit Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil to meet business partners and mining buyers.

The mining mission will provide suppliers with 1 on 1 private meetings with 50 of the top mining company executives and senior managers in the region.

Suppliers will also get B2B sessions, presentations from experts in each country, receptions to meet key mining buyers, and the opportunity to sign agents and distributors in each country. Continue reading

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Australian Mining – Industry Update – New South Wales

Most base-metal prices have improved over the past year including zinc (35%), lead (20%) and copper (10%), driving global interest in new projects including many in Australia. Although Coal is the single-most important mineral in New South Wales the metal mining industry is still significant with many new projects. NSW has a long history of metal mining, mainly in the central and western part of the state. Gold was first produced in the state in the early 1850s. For several decades from the 1880s, Broken Hill – which produced silver, lead and zinc – dominated mining in Australia and was a globally important supplier of these three metals.

New developments include:

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Join the 2017 Latin America Mining Mission Including Exponor, Chile

Canadian Mining Suppliers™ is looking for 12 Canadian companies to bring on a Latin America mining mission to visit Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile (Santiago and Exponor Antofagasta) to meet business partners and mining buyers.

Companies attending the 2017 Latin America Mining Mission may be eligible to reimburse up to 50 percent of expenses with CanExport funding (requires that the total cost of eligible activities be at least $20,000).

Participants and Trade Commissioners of the recent November SE Asia Mining Mission were overwhelmingly positive about the execution and the opportunities / results of the program.

>> Join the 2017 Latin America Mining Mission

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Asia Mining Mission 2016 with Panel Presentations

Canadian Mining Suppliers™ along with Export Quebec brought twelve Canadian companies on a 2-week mining mission to visit Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines to meet business partners and mining buyers.

The programs were developed by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service in each country and demonstrated the invaluable skills available to companies interested in expanding their marketing and sales network. Canadian companies are typically early on the ground on remote areas of the world with engineering, geophysical and drilling expertise.  The group engaged with industry experts at each stop followed by visits to head offices and B2B meetings with eager industry partners. Participants were overwhelmingly positive about the opportunities and results of the mission program and execution.

Critical to the success of the program was the opportunity each participant had to offer an individual focused marketing message to each buyer throughout the program.

Canadian Mining Suppliers™ offers a well-deserved congratulations to the Trade Commissioner Service and partnership with Export Quebec in producing a world class program.

This year’s participants:

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