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Fireball Equipment

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Fireball refueling equipment includes offloading delivery trucks, storage tanks, pumping and filtration packages (ISO 16/30 cleanliness), light vehicle refueling sites, and heavy equipment refueling (eleven-minute target turnaround). Lubrication equipment includes offloading, storage and handling of all oils, bulk OGL, coolant, used oil, used coolant, DEF, high-pressure grease and bulk grease. Fireball also offers storage tanks, air or hydraulically powered pumps, distribution to hose reel racks in the shop, and 75’ hose reels with fluid-specific couplers to prevent cross-contamination errors, as well as lube islands for lube top-ups at refueling sites. Systems typically include a heated building with four to six tanks, pumps, filtration, hose reels and meters. With Fireball’s fluid control systems and tank level monitors, every liter of gasoline, diesel and oil dispensed is controlled, captured and uploaded to the mine management system, and every tank level is measured to provide replenishment notices, prevent overfills and provide reconciliation.

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