Oyu Tolgoi Expression of Interest Listings

If you would like to express your interest in supplying Oyu Tolgoi, you can respond to one or more of their EOI listed on their website. EOIs help Oyu Tolgoi to understand market capability and readiness and interest from the market for potential upcoming procurement needs for goods and services.

Prior to submitting a proposal you should register as a supplier in the following link:


You can also check out Oyu Tolgoi’s Procurement Process (pdf).
Some key facts about Oyu Tolgoi underground mine:
  • 80 per cent of Oyu Tolgoi’s value lies beneath the surface
  • Mining method: Block caving
  • Operations: The mine will work 365 days a year with two 12-hour shifts.
  • At the peak of construction, the underground workforce is expected to be over 3,000 – and majority Mongolian.
  • The total conveyor length (10 km) is as long as the distance from the Chinggis Square to Tolgoit station.
  • The deepest shaft is the equivalent of 12 Blue Sky Towers in depth.
  • Total length of tunnels over the life of Hugo North Lift 1 – 200 km (mostly with a height of 5.5m and a width of 5m)
  • See a visual cross section of the underground mine (pdf)

Oyu Tolgoi Expression of Interest Listings

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