Geophysics GPR International Inc.

We continue innovating as a pioneer in applied geophysics. Through our knowledge and ability to apply traditional and innovative geophysical methods, we help solve geologic, geotechnical and engineering challenges. The expertise of Geophysics GPR International includes the following fields: Airborne geophysics; Buried object detection; Concrete structure evaluation; Environmental and contamination studies; Evaluation of roads and …


RIGID ROBOTICS is a company with diverse experience in open-pit mining, robotics engineering, and industrial automation. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we work within a network of partners and advisors from the mining, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Click to download RIGID ROBOTICS Solutions Guide

Victory Spring

Victory Spring can custom manufacture coil springs to your exact requirements. If you are designing a new product or trying to find a replacement for some obsolete equipment, please give us a call and we can help you out. Our product range and capability includes compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs and spring wire forms.

JKC Equipment

We provide tire repair materials, equipment, tools and technical assistance to the truck and OTR tire repair industry. Our product line includes, but not limited to: vulcanizing systems, air compressors, extruders, hydraulic jacks and a wide range of high quality tools for your workshop. Our technical staff are qualified, with experience in the industry, Spanish-speaking …

Variant Mining Technologies

Variant Mining Technologies is a joint venture between Carriere Industrial Supply Limited and Ionic Engineering Ltd. Ionic Engineering Innovation Ionic Engineering Ltd designs, fabricates and implements automated controls systems for medium and heavy industry around the world. They specialize in automating resource refining processes and applying rugged, cutting-edge technology in heavy mining environment. Carriere Industrial …