Cambridge Pro Fab Inc.

As steel fabrication experts, CPF combines Industrial Engineering, Project Management, Document Control, and a comprehensive trial-fit process to execute large scale projects efficiently. Our teams are experienced in getting even the largest projects fabricated and delivered on time and on budget.

CPF’s expertise in premium steel fabrication service extends to beyond the natural gas, oil, and coal power industries. Feel free to contact us with other project requirements, such as: mining, aggregate and custom fabrication projects.

Cambridge Pro Fab advantages and services include:

  • Provide various levels of industrial engineering based on customer and project specific requirements.
  • Providing detailed and timely project management services ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Comprehensive trial-fit process that identifies and eliminates potential assembly issues which results in more efficient field installations.
  • Providing quality levels which meet or exceed your specifications and expectations.
  • The ability to engage in multiple projects ranging from minimal size scopes to varying degrees of large scale projects

Contact Information: Edit

Jim Hodgins

84 Shaver Street Brantford Ontario N3S 0H4