Maximize production and reduce maintenance costs with continuous online equipment monitoring.

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Operating and maintaining large capital equipment constitutes a large proportion of a mine’s operational expenses. Mobile Equipment Monitor enables real-time monitoring of the operation and performance of heavy mining equipment. Users benefit from reduced maintenance costs and improved equipment reliability, effectiveness and asset life.

What is it?

Mobile Equipment Monitor is a comprehensive and scalable mining equipment monitoring system that bridges the gap between mobile equipment instrumentation and maintenance systems. It is designed to meet the requirements of small mines as well as large, multiple-site enterprises. A single performance management system, it can address all equipment monitoring requirements, including those of trucks, shovels, loaders, drag lines, graders and stationary equipment.

Mobile Equipment Monitor Saves Mine Over $200,000 With Real-Time Remote Diagnostics. Read the Case Study

A fleet monitor at a large U.S. copper mine received an engine oil filter alarm from one of their fleet of Caterpillar 240 ton haulers. He had to quickly assess the significance of the alarm and decide whether to keep the haul truck in operation.

How Does It Work?

Mobile Equipment Monitor enables remote access to equipment operating data over the mine’s wireless network. It provides visibility and analysis of equipment performance through:

  • standard or user-defined dashboards
  • real-time graphic displays
  • user-defined key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • OEM-defined alarm and events
  • user-defined alarms and events
  • development of predictive models for early identification of developing faults.

It can also integrate with other onboard systems such as tire monitoring, fuel and lube systems and merge real-time operating data with maintenance management, dispatch, financial and other systems to provide the most complete view of overall equipment effectiveness.

What Problems Does it Solve?

Mobile Equipment Monitor enables users to monitor and manage all field equipment regardless of vendor or location. The equipment performance management system helps reduce unnecessary equipment downtime through early detection of problems, immediately scheduling maintenance and performing related workflow tasks (such as parts inventory). Users benefit from longer equipment life and higher return on their investments.

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