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At Phoventus, our mission is to provide excellence as a global advisory and engineering services consultant to the distributed energy, electrification and hybrid power market. We offer value-added strategic management, engineering, and environmental consulting and advisory services to renewable power clients of every type, including developers and end-users. Our key areas of technical expertise are Solar PV and Wind Power, Electrical Energy Storage and Microgrids, while our main markets are Canada, the US, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Asia.

We provide comprehensive services through all stages of a project’s lifecycle, starting with early stage environmental, technical and financial feasibility assessments through to developer risk management and safeguarding the interests of power producers/operators and long-term ownership stakeholders. In everything we do, our goal is to minimize risk for our clients, maximize project efficiency and profitability, and guarantee their long-term success.

The Phoventus management team has advised on more than 500 renewable energy projects globally, a large percentage of them being Solar PV specifically. From large to small, these projects include rooftop Solar PV initiatives, ground-mounted Solar PV array installations, Solar PV integration as part of hybrid power solutions, and Concentrated Solar PV.

With more than 50 years’ combined experience, Phoventus staff have successfully provided independent engineering and consultancy services for Solar PV projects across the globe. Work commissioned includes site reviews and resource assessments, engineering reviews, due diligence on project participants, major agreements reviews, energy yield assessments, permitting reviews, financial and technical due diligence, construction monitoring, O&M strategy analaysis, and more.

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Merve Kosesoy
Project Coordinator

4200 South Service Road Suite 102, Burlington, ON L7L 4X5