We specialize in Vision Enhancement for increased production efficiency and a safer work environment through the strategic deployment of vehicle and equipment camera systems, HID and LED lighting, broadband backup alarms, and proximity detection systems.

Contact PROVIX for video integration, cost-effective camera system customization, LED equipment lighting, alarms and equipment cameras. PROVIX supplies and installs collision avoidance and proximity detection systems, as well as tele-remote and autonomous operation controls. Camera systems can include IP network video, remote viewing capability, wireless recording, remote operation video, FLIR thermal imaging and night vision systems, as well as off-the-shelf systems designed for drilling, mucking, hauling, bolting, tramming, loading and rescue operations.

If you can imagine how video would make a task safer and more efficient, PROVIX can design, build, install and support it.

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International Mining Portable Camera Systems for Remote Drilling

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