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Keystone Pumps

We design and manufacture high quality, heavy duty slurry pumps to handle the toughest industrial applications. All at an ethical price. At Keystone Pumps, rugged, top-quality products are just one of our points of pride. We use computational fluid dynamics for hydraulic design and superior materials in construction so that our pumps will perform at …

Technosub Industrial Pumps

Technosub is specialized in the manufacture, distribution and repair of pumps designed specifically for the industrial and mining industry. With more than 30 years of expertise and 9 locations across Canada, Technosub is proud to provide the best pumping and dewatering solutions with the fastest delivery time in the business. • technosub_brochure_vtseries.pdf • TECHNOSUB_TP_series.pdf • …

Fireball Equipment

Fireball refueling equipment includes offloading delivery trucks, storage tanks, pumping and filtration packages (ISO 16/30 cleanliness), light vehicle refueling sites, and heavy equipment refueling (eleven-minute target turnaround). Lubrication equipment includes offloading, storage and handling of all oils, bulk OGL, coolant, used oil, used coolant, DEF, high-pressure grease and bulk grease. Fireball also offers storage tanks, …


Fordia’s goal is simple – to help drillers improve their performance. We develop and and distribute the best diamond tools, equipment and accessories to small and large businesses specializing in core drilling for the mineral exploration, geotechnical and environmental industries. We provide exceptional service, demonstrated daily by our worldwide representatives. We are highly committed to …

Parker Hannifin

Brake Supply Company Inc

ICS Wear Group

ICS Wear Group specializes in the engineering, designing, manufacturing, and installation of high performance pumps for the global mining industry. Whether you require slurry, submersible, vertical, process, petro-chemical, or water pumps we provide you with the latest innovations and advancements to pumping.